Lockly Secure Pro

How to Delete Stored Fingerprints

How to Delete in App: Open the Lockly™ app and choose your lock Go to Access Management Swipe over to the Fingerprint tab and select Select the fingerprint you wish to delete Select Delete User and then Confirm   How to Delete in Programming Mode: While in Programming Mode, select “2DE” to delete a Fingerprint. If you are […]

How to Add a Fingerprint

In this section, you will learn how to register a fingerprint to your new smart lock. Fingerprint registration is only available in the Lockly™ Secure Plus and Secure Pro. We are using an advanced biometric sensor, providing the most secure fingerprint authentication. For security reasons, Lockly™ will only accept fingerprint patterns that consist of cross […]

How to Delete an Access Code

While in Programming Mode, select “2DE” to delete an Access Code. If you are not in Programming Mode, click here to see how to enter Programming Mode. After pressing “2DE” press “Pd” to delete an Access Code. Active Access Codes will then be displayed on the screen in sequence from left to right, top to bottom. […]

How to Add an Access Code

Add an Access Code in the App: When using the  Lockly™ app, there are 4 different kinds of Access Codes you can create: Trusted Users, Guests, One-Time Access, and Offline Access Codes. Trusted Users – Individuals with access until revoked Trusted User Access Codes have no expiration date and will be valid until they are […]

Programming Mode

Enter Programming Mode Remove the battery compartment cover on the interior side of the Secure to expose the Reset and Program buttons. Press the Program button to enter programming mode. Note: Program button will be disabled once synced to a smart phone. Configure all settings via synced smart phone. End Programming Mode Press the Program […]

How to Use the Lockly™ Keypad

Note: The Default Access Code is 1 2 3 4 5 6  Your new Lockly™ Access Code can be any combination of 6 to 8 digits. Once a new Access Code is entered, the Default Access Code of 123456 would be deleted. A Maximum of 8 sets of Access Codes can be stored for use. […]

Changing the Battery

Under normal use, the Lockly™ battery will last up to a year. Please check battery levels regularly and change your batteries when the low battery notification is issued. For best practice, always use new batteries. Open the battery compartment cover by unscrewing the screw on the top and slide up. Insert four (4) new AA […]

Low Battery

When the battery is in seriously low condition, Lockly™ will make continuous beeping sounds in addition to the flashing low battery icon on the touch screen. You should replace batteries immediately to avoid your smart lock from shutting down. Low Battery: Battery Icon on the display keypad will light up to indicate low battery. Solution: Replace […]

How Do I Reboot My Lock?

Note: Reboot Lockly™ in case of dead battery or malfunction. No settings will be changed and all Access Codes will still be stored within Lockly™. Press and release the reboot button when you want to reboot the lock. Your Lockly™ will beep once after reboot. Only reboot when necessary. To reboot, find the reboot button […]

How to Turn Off the Keypad Screen

Using the Keypad Display Switch, the exterior keypad screen can be locked and turned off by using the ON/OFF switch at the back panel (interior) of the smart lock. When it is switched off, people who are outside cannot enter any access codes to unlock the door.

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