Using Your Lockly™ Smart Lock

How to Disable Safe Mode

There are three (3) ways to disable Safe Mode. Option 1 – Entering Correct Access Code Enter the correct Access Code twice (2) when the keypad is available, pressing after every time the Access Code is entered. Option 2 – Lockly™ Bluetooth App Use the app that is synced to your Lockly™ to disable Safe […]

Safe Mode – Overview

Lockly™ will enter Safe Mode when three (3) consecutive wrong Access Codes are entered within 5 minutes. When in Safe Mode, the lock status icon  will start to flash. To disable Safe Mode, you must unlock the door using the correct fingerprint (Secure Plus / Pro ) or enter the correct Access Code twice in […]

Locking Lockly™ Deadbolt with Physical Key

To unlock your Lockly™ using the physical key (supplied), open the key cover on the handle by turning the cover counter clockwise to reveal the keyhole. Insert your key and turn clockwise or counter clockwise to lock or unlock the door.

Locking Lockly™ with App

You must have the Lockly™ iOS or Android app installed in order to lock and unlock with the smartphone app. To lock your Lockly™ with the app, open up the app, select your Lock. This will take you to the Control page. Click the Lock/Unlock circle to open and close your lock.

Locking Lockly™ with Fingerprints

Unlocking Place a registered finger to the fingerprint scanner located on the exterior side of the lock to the right. To register a fingerprint, please see Adding a Fingerprint. If your fingerprint is registered and acknowledged, you will hear a “beep” sound and a Green LED will light up on the fingerprint scanner. You can […]

Locking with Access Codes

Lockly™ can be unlocked using 1 of 4 ways – via your stored Access Code, registered fingerprint (Secure Plus / Pro only), smartphone with Bluetooth, or with the physical key supplied with your lock. Slide your hand across the screen to activate the keypad. Enter your 6 to 8 digit Access Code followed by the […]

How to Use the Lockly™ Keypad

Note: The Default Access Code is 1 2 3 4 5 6  Your new Lockly™ Access Code can be any combination of 6 to 8 digits. Once a new Access Code is entered, the Default Access Code of 123456 would be deleted. A Maximum of 8 sets of Access Codes can be stored for use. […]

How Do I Reboot My Lock?

Note: Reboot Lockly™ in case of dead battery or malfunction. No settings will be changed and all Access Codes will still be stored within Lockly™. Press and release the reboot button when you want to reboot the lock. Your Lockly™ will beep once after reboot. Only reboot when necessary. To reboot, find the reboot button […]

How to Turn Off the Keypad Screen

Using the Keypad Display Switch, the exterior keypad screen can be locked and turned off by using the ON/OFF switch at the back panel (interior) of the smart lock. When it is switched off, people who are outside cannot enter any access codes to unlock the door.

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