Why is my Secure Link WiFi Hub not working?

Our Secure Link WiFi Hub can connect with any Lockly. If you find that you are having any trouble with your Secure Link WiFi Hub, try some of the following suggestions: Reboot your lock – On the front of the lock (the side with the display on the outside of the door), you will find […]

Is Lockly™ Wi-Fi Compatible?

Lockly™ is Wi-Fi compatible with the usage of the Lockly™ Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub. Lockly™ Secure Pro includes a Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub. Your lock’s connection to the internet is dependent on the usage of the Lockly™ app, so your phone must be paired to app first.

Where to Download the Lockly™ Secure App?

The Lockly™ Smart Lock mobile app is available in both Apple Store and Google Play. Search “Lockly” in either stores and download for free, or visit the links below.

How many individual users can Lockly™ Secure have?

Lockly™ can store up to 16 Access Codes at a time: 1 Administrator code and 15 Trusted Users.  Guest Codes are unlimited. There can also be 1 One-Time Access Code and unlimited Offline Access Codes active as well. In addition to the numerical access codes, the Lockly Secure Plus & Lockly Secure Pro can store […]

Why Did the Program Button Suddenly Stop Working?

The Lockly™ Secure Smart Lock is designed for property managers and families who need to assign unique codes to guests. Once you pair your smart lock to the Lockly app, the Program button is disabled to make sure your guests won’t be able to change any of your lock settings. All the functions of the Program button […]

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