Access Codes

How many Access Codes can I store with LOCKLY®?

Lockly® can store up to 16 Trusted Users or Guest codes at a time: 1 Administrator/Master code and 15 Trusted User codes or Guest codes.  16 is the maximum. You can issue 50 Offline Access Codes (OA...

How do I delete Access Codes on my LOCKLY®?

If you have never paired your lock to the Lockly app: 1. Press the program button behind the lock. 2. Press select 2DE then Pd to delete an Access Code. 3. Active Access Codes will then be displayed o...

How do I set up Access Codes on my LOCKLY®?

If you have not paired your lock with the mobile app: 1) Press the program button located at the back of the lock. 2) Press 1 on the screen to enter “Add Passcode Mode”. 3) Input your new door co...

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