What is eBadge?

An eBadge is a unique code that can be issued to another user giving them door access for a specific reoccurring time frame or a valid period of time. It requires them to download the free LOCKLY app and access can only be gained through the app.

Follow these steps to enable eBadge:

1. To set up and send a code in the LOCKLY app, go to > Access > eBadge (at top) > Add eBadge, then follow the on-screen prompts.

2. Confirm you want to add an eBadge.

3. Give the eBadge name you will recognize. Provide a custom message that will be sent to the user.

4. Select type of access: either a valid period of time or ongoing reoccurring (can be revoked at anytime).

5. Review and confirm access type.

6. Share unique eBadge code.

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