What is an eBadge?


An eBadge is an access credential (alphanumeric code) that can be generated remotely by an Admin or sub-admin/unit-owner (only available to Ingress/Vision Ingress, Smart Safe and Zeno Series sub-users) without requiring Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. The user is required to download the Lockly app and enter the eBadge to unlock door. The following details apply to eBadges:

• Validity Date or Recurring Dates: The eBadge can have a set validity date or recurring dates.
• Bluetooth Range Requirement: To access and unlock the door, the user must be within the Bluetooth range.
• Non-Shareable: An eBadge does not have a PIN access code and cannot be shared or used by multiple app users.
However, sharing the same app login details on multiple devices permit the use the same eBadge.
• Revocation: An eBadge can be revoked at anytime, anywhere on the Admin’s Lockly app.

If you received an eBadge, check out how to use it on this link

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