How to set up a Trusted User access code?

Trusted Users are access codes that you can grant to family members, co-workers or other individuals that will have unrestricted access to your Lockly® lock.

The following screenshots will walk you through how to set up a Trusted User access code.

Go to Access on the bottom of your app after you have selected the lock.

Select Trusted User.

On the next page you will enter the Name of the Trusted User as well as indicate a 6-8 digit access code for that individual (make sure you make note of what you create so you can share with the Trusted User).  You will also have an opportunity to send that user an eKey at the end of these steps that will allow them to use the mobile app to lock or unlock the device.  When you are done entering all of this information, select Confirm.

The next page is where you will be able to share the eKey with the Trusted User.  You can either Copy that eKey and send to them or click on Share and if you are on your mobile phone you can text or email them that code and instructions will be sent with that eKey for them to set up their mobile app to be able to access the lock in that way.


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