Can I install this on different door orientations? Instructions on both Deadbolt and Latch versions.

For a Deadbolt – The lock is compatible for both left and right swing doors. Upon installing the lock, perform the following steps:

Checking your installation – First off, please make sure your torque blade is installed vertically.

With the door open, please make sure the bolt is fully extended out, and the turn knob is facing vertically on the inside.

With that said, remove the batteries and only put in 3 batteries first.
Hold down the program button while putting in the 4th button to start the self-check process.
This Process will determine if the lock is open or closed.

You will hear a series of beeps and clicks from the lock trying to open and close.

Once this process finishes (only takes less than 20 seconds), your lock will be oriented correctly.


For a Latch version – While facing the door, if the door hinges are on the right side of the door, you have a right-swing door.  If the hinges are on the left side of the door,  you have a left swing door.

The lock ships default for right swing doors.  You may skip this step if your door is a right swing door.

Changing the Exterior Handle orientation:

Insert the key and rotate to align the two white dots as shown in the picture.  It’s important to note that this is possible only when these two white dots are aligned!!

Use the provided Clamping tool (R) to push in the two metal pins at the base of the lock handle, located at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions, and remove the handle once the pins are compressed.

Rotate the handle 180 degrees to the other side of the lock.  Using your fingers, press the two pins located on the left and right side of the lock to insert the handle back onto the lock.

Confirm that your installation was complete by checking if the pins are flush against the handle, and have popped out.  Adjust the handle accordingly to make sure the pins are fully decompressed and sit flush against the surface.

Check that your handle works smoothly by giving it a turn up and down.

Twist key back to a horizontal position.  The key can then be taken out once it goes back to that position.

Now it’s time to change the interior handle orientation.

Remove the screw by turning counter-clockwise and rotate the handle 180° in the direction of the arrow as shown.  Make sure the screw hole is aligned with the marker as illustrated.

Securely screw clockwise as shown to complete your handle orientation change.

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