How to calibrate the lock?

This procedure applies to Lockly models: PGD6S, PGD628, PGD628F, PGD628W, PGD678, PGD678W and PGD688F.
If you’re not sure of your lock model, please contact our customer service hotline.

If the lock was not used for a long period of time, the lubrication of the inside mechanism may affect its unlocking responses. Dust and drop in freezing temperatures may also cause your lock to delay or not responding to unlocking. Calibrate your lock to maintain its responsiveness.

Calibration may take 60 seconds to finish. You will hear the lock unlocking multiple times. The unlocking sound will stop once the calibration is finished.

To calibrate the lock, enter access code + 1234 + OK/Enter button.

You may also calibrate the lock using the LOCKLY App.  Open the app, select the lock and go to > Settings > Calibrate.

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