Battery is draining fast, how to resolve it?

Under normal to heavy use, LOCKLY smart lock battery will last up to 9 months to a year on average. If your battery drains faster than average, check on the installation of the deadbolt. The battery drains fast when the deadbolt is too tight. Insert key or turn thumbturn to check if the deadbolt is tight, rubbing, or binding. The deadbolt should lock and unlock smoothly. Below are some solutions to fix the deadbolt installation to ensure your battery won’t drain faster than average.

1. To loosen the deadbolt, extend the deadbolt halfway out and spray WD40 or fluid lubricant in between the deadbolt slot.

2. If a fluid lubricant does not work, the tightness may come from the key and keyhole. Spray WD-40 or any fluid lubricant into the keyhole to loosen.

3. If applying fluid lubricant into either do not fix the tightness, loosen the deadbolt fixing screws.

4. If the previous solutions do not work, remove the battery cover. Adjust the screws to loosen the interior panel until the thumbturn locks and unlocks smoothly.

5. If adjusting the interior panel screws still does not work, uninstall the interior panel. Loosen the screws on both sides of the mounting plate and slightly adjust until the deadbolt locks and unlocks smoothly.

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